11 February 2011

Special issue: Computers and information technology in design and manufacturing

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 40(1/2) 2011

Includes papers from from the International Conference on Product Design and Manufacturing Systems, 2007 (PDMS2007) held in Chongqing, China, 12-15 October 2007.
  • Design reusability assessment for effective CAD model retrieval and reuse
  • Partially autonomous conceptual development of multifunctional structures
  • A knowledge-based system for enhancing conceptual design
  • An integrated design framework for mass customisation in the consumer electronics industry
  • Using neural networks to monitor supply chain behaviour
  • Intelligent process planning methods for the manufacturing of moulds
  • A heuristics method based on ant colony optimisation for redundancy allocation problems
  • Design and evaluation of a vibration sensor for measurement-while-drilling
  • Scheduling optimisation for supply chain in networked manufacturing
  • A new slotting method for 2D digital gear tooth surfaces
  • Two-dimensional study of lubrication mechanism of water-lubricated rubber alloy bearing
  • Opinion comparison between internet forums and customer reviews
  • Multi-agent-based Pay-Per-Use (PpU) distributed manufacturing
  • Partially occluded object recognition
  • Study on three-dimensional flow characteristics on the port of an engine
  • SAHAM: Shared Adaptive Hypermedia Application Model

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