14 February 2011

Call for Papers: ICT in Logistics

A special issue of International Journal of Agile Systems and Management

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) covers vast areas of technologies such as mobile and wireless technology, telecommunications, software development, security, intelligent systems etc. ICT has had a huge impact on industry, the community in general and our daily lives. ICT can be applied to many fields. One of the emerging applications in recent years is in logistics.

Logistics is a process which interfaces and interacts between companies, vendors, customers, carriers etc. and within the company itself using logistics internally. Logistics is responsible for the movement of products from the vendors through to the delivery at the customer's door, including moving through manufacturing facilities, warehouses and third-parties, such as distributors.

Since logistics plays an important role in both industry and daily life and involves many parties in the supply chain, the system needs substantial agility. In fact, agility is a key performance indicator of an effective supply chain. Agile logistics aims to improve logics by providing excellent service to industries throughout the entire supply chain. Agility is enhanced by the application of ICT to logistics.

The purpose of this special issue is to collect the state-of-art research on ICT in logistics from the prospective of theoretical development and real-life applications. The issue will cover the research areas such as the lack of available information and visibility in logistics, ICT impact on logistics, information gaps between stakeholders, and the current and future challenges that need to be addressed in business and technical issues.

Subject Coverage
  • Agile logistics
  • Agility in manufacturing and logistics networks
  • Collaboration in supply chain networks
  • Embedded software for ICT applications in logistics
  • Information logistics
  • Internet of Things
  • Intelligent logistics
  • Optimisation in logistics based on ICT data
  • RFID and its application in logistics
  • Smart logistics and smart supply chains
  • Supply-chain visibility and controllability
  • Warehousing management and demand forecasting applications
Important Date
Deadline for submission: 31 August 2011

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