1 December 2010

Special issue: Service quality management and developing and newly industrialised nations

International Journal of Services, Economics and Management 3(1) 2011
  • Investigating the link between service quality, value, satisfaction and behavioural intentions in a public sector bank in India
  • The influence of TQM practices on supply chain collaboration: a proposed model for the service industry
  • Relationship between service gap and perception for mapping of quality attributes into four service quality factors
  • The impact of TQM practices on learning organisation and customer orientation: a survey of small service organisations in Malaysia
  • TQM and service quality: a survey of commercial banking industry in Malaysia
  • Introducing iterative model into quality management with focus on emerging markets
  • Challenges facing higher education as a service industry in a developing country
  • Student perceptions of service quality in the school of accounting: a case analysis of a private university in Malaysia

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