15 December 2010

Call for papers: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Manufacturing Systems (MCDAMS)

A special issue of International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering

This special issue aims to impart and share the recent research, development and applications dealing with engineering, technology and management aspects of manufacturing systems. Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) is a discipline intended to support decision makers faced with making numerous and sometimes conflicting evaluations. MCDA aims at highlighting these conflicts and deriving a way to come to a compromise in a transparent process. There are many MCDA methods in use today. Choosing the best MCDA is itself a multi-criteria decision making problem.

The issue will disseminate discussion and exchange global experience in applying multi-criteria decision support models and methods emphasizing on how to design, run, control and optimize manufacturing systems. The focus will also be on sharing innovative approaches that are relevant to the sustainable development of manufacturing sector in the global context.

Papers relevant to the scope of the special issue should include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
  • Systems, models, approaches and frameworks for manufacturing system evaluation (such as scenarios, technologies, operational plans etc.,) and decision support for assessing advanced manufacturing systems policies
  • MCDA models to dealing with various strategic, tactical and operational decisions pertaining to manufacturing systems
  • Multi-criteria decision approaches that help realizing sustainable manufacturing systems/technology transfer/diffusion etc.
  • Studies dealing with energy policies, productivity, supply chains, quality, reliability, human resources, materials, technology, software etc., with the application of MCDA in the context of manufacturing systems
  • Studies dealing with onshore vs offshore manufacturing decisions and make vs outsourcing decisions etc., with the help of MCDA
Important Date
Submissions deadline: 30 June, 2011

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