31 December 2010

Special issue: Networking, architecture and storage (NAS)

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 6(3/4) 2010

Papers from the 1st International Workshop on Networking, Architecture, and Storage held in Shenyang, China, 1-3 August 2006.
  • A novel technique of recognising multi-stage attack behaviour
  • HR-SDBF: an approach to data-centric routing in WSNs
  • Resilient P2P anonymous routing by using redundancy
  • The study on schedule policy of data transferring in storage network
  • Towards a more accurate availability evaluation in peer-to-peer storage systems
  • Supporting time-critical clients in scalable pub-sub systems
  • Capturing the object behaviour for storage system evaluation
  • Embedded hard real-time scheduling algorithm based on task's resource requirement
  • Caching personalised and database-related dynamic web pages
  • TEA: transmission error approximation for distance estimation between two Zigbee devices

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