8 December 2010

Special issue: Radio Frequency Identification applications and networks security

International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions 2(3/4) 2010

Papers from the 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2009) held in London, England, 9-12 November 2009.
  • Lightweight mutual authentication protocol for securing RFID applications
  • A survey on RFID security and provably secure grouping-proof protocols
  • Evidential structures and metrics for network forensics
  • Security architecture and methodology for authorisation of mobile agents
  • Characterising the robustness of complex networks
  • CryptoNET: a model of generic security provider
  • On the security issues of NFC enabled mobile phones
  • Secure unicast and multicast over satellite DVB using chaotic generators
  • Framework for secure wireless health monitoring and remote access system

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