6 December 2010

Special issue: Microbial immobilisation technology for wastewater treatment

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management 7(1/2) 2011
  • Influence of the nature of hydrodynamic constraints on aerobic biofilms
  • Dispersive transport in porous media with biofilms: local mass equilibrium in simple unit cells
  • Rapid cultivation of aerobic granular sludge for Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification in Sequencing Batch Airlift Reactor
  • Size-dependent microbial substrate uptake kinetics for aerobic granules
  • A review on the essential role of substrate on aerobic granulation
  • Acrylic wastewater treatment using SBR technology with aerobic granules
  • Post-treatment of anaerobically pre-treated molasses wastewater in an aerobic granular sludge sequencing batch reactor
  • Application of nitrifying granules to improvement of nitrification activity in activated sludge process
  • Effective dispersion in channelled biofilms
Additional papers
  • Assessment of physico-chemical behaviour and geotechnical management of pharmaceutical effluent laden clay soils
  • Aral Sea partial restoration. I. A Caspian water importation macroproject
  • Aral Sea partial restoration. II. Simulation of time-dependent processes
  • Acid dye removal from industrial wastewater by adsorption on treated sewage sludge
  • Alkaline hydrothermal conversion of agricultural waste Bagasse Fly Ash into zeolite: utilisation in dye removal from aqueous solution

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