29 December 2010

Special issue: 'Entertainment = Emotion'

International Journal of Arts and Technology 4(1) 2011

Papers from the international seminar Entertainment = Emotion (E = E), held in Benasque, Spain, 21 to 26 November 2009.
  • Management of emotions in US fiction series: when being (and feeling like) a woman sells
  • Emotional involvement in digital games
  • Disposition development in drama: the role of moral, immoral and ambiguously moral characters
  • Predicting popularity of mass-market films using the tenets of disposition theory
  • Sexist humour in advertising: just a joke or marketing strategy?
  • Affective states, familiarity and music selection: power of familiarity
  • The role of moral disengagement in the enjoyment of real and fictional characters
  • The impact of perceived character similarity and identification on moral disengagement
  • Influence of interactivity on emotions and enjoyment during consumption of audiovisual fictions

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