15 December 2010

Call for papers: Knowledge Sharing within Knowledge Intensive Organizations

A special issue of International Journal of Information Technology and Management

The role that knowledge plays in an organization became a focus of attention in the 1990s. Soon, the notion of knowledge sharing and knowledge management in general became the focus of critical attention, particularly with regard to the role that information technology was able to play, the feasibility of actually sharing knowledge and with the failure to take the political dimension of such activities into account.

Notwithstanding these criticisms, few would deny that knowledge-intensive organizations now exist or that knowledge sharing takes place within them. While some of the early pioneers have been prompted to revisit their earlier work there has not yet been a systematic attempt to reassess the issue of knowledge sharing in knowledge-intensive organizations as a whole in the light of current technologies and organizational forms; it is this that this special issue of IJITM seeks to address.

Papers for this special issue might include articles that examine the problems associated with sharing knowledge (either face-to-face or technologically-mediated), the role that knowledge sharing plays in such organizations (through encouraging innovations, as part of a competitive strategy, etc) or the nature of the knowledge sharing itself. The common theme for all of the articles is that they should attempt to place insights gained from current theory and practice within the framework of previous work in the same area.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Knowledge sharing and knowledge management systems
  • Knowledge sharing communities
  • Knowledge sharing in collaborative work environments
  • Knowledge sharing strategies and organizational structure
  • Knowledge sharing within or across organizational boundaries
  • Modelling of human knowledge processes and systems
  • Social and political aspects of knowledge sharing
  • Social software and knowledge sharing
  • Systems design issues including stakeholder requirements and participation
  • HRM issues related to innovation and knowledge sharing
Important Dates
Submission of full paper: 29 April, 2011
Feedback from referees: 1 July, 2011
Submission of revised paper: 15 September, 2011

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