20 December 2010

Special issue: Brazilian economics and accounting

International Journal of Economics and Accounting 1(4) 2010
  • The use of positive and normative approaches in Brazil and US accounting research: a comparative analysis based on the papers published in The Accounting Review and the Revista de Contabilidade & Financas (Accounting & Finance Journal) – 1989 to 2008
  • Determinants for the composition of the board of directors in SMEs: evidence from Brazil
  • Testing the differences of world stock markets (1975-2009)
  • The customer care IT tools as a competitive advantage factor in the Brazilian retail industry
  • Preparedness of ERP systems to create intangible managerial accounting information: evidence from Brazil
  • Analysis of the information quality of reports on CDM projects in light of the legitimacy approach
  • Practice of corporate governance in football clubs

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