14 February 2010

Special issue: Public transport management

World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research 3(1/2) 2010
  • The impact of governance modes on sustainable transport – the case of bus transport in Greater Manchester, UK
  • Integrated approach towards sustainable development
  • The role of land use and psycho-social factors in high density residents' work travel mode choices: implications for sustainable transport policy
  • Reducing uncertainty and supporting cognitive maps in travel information for public transport
  • The number of 'non-captives' as an indicator of the quality of public transport supply: an alternative quality measure in the context of mobility-management
  • 35M MAX: the first bus rapid transit system in Salt Lake County
  • Evaluating light rail as a short distance passenger transportation solution in a midsized town
Additional Papers
  • An efficiency study of airlines and air cargo/passenger divisions: a DEA approach
  • Port risk management and Public Private Partnerships: factors relating to risk allocation and risk sustainability
  • Up, Up, and Away: The dynamics of innovation in the US air cargo transportation industry
  • Market entry barriers in Finland's rail freight transport


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