1 February 2010

Call for papers: Climate Change

A special issue of Interdisciplinary Environmental Review

A history of the evolution of carbon trading schemes and current practice in Europe helps put in perspective the current hesitancy of political parties in advanced nations to decide upon carbon reduction targets, pricing mechanisms, permit allocation techniques and public investment. Within the debate, there has been no in-depth discussion of viable alternatives, neither has there been a focus on whether 'climate change' and all its effects is due to factors other than carbon emissions. Such factors include deliberate deforestation, inappropriate farming methods, bad river, water, catchment and land management.

This special issue is devoted to questions such as:
  • Will the debate on climate change ever be resolved?
  • Is it necessary to accept climate change facts in order for governments to take action on reversing land degradation and water shortage issues?
  • Why are schemes for carbon emissions trading being advocated as the ultimate solution
  • What vested interests are involved in terms of an agency paradigm that could explain such advocacy?
  • Can carbon emissions be accurately measured and priced?
  • How will this reverse climate change
  • What is extent of land degradation world wide?
  • Do all countries have a problem of food and water shortages both now and in the future?
The debate needs the skills of many disciplines to solve and this special issue seems to open up the debate to all

Topics include but are not limited to the following, as long as they touch on climate change, land and water management, food and water shortages and security:
  • Land degradation
  • Catchment management
  • Droughts
  • Carbon levels in soils
  • Carbon capture
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Emerging nations vs developed nations
  • Contributions to the reversal of land
  • Water degradation
Important Date
Deadline for submission: May 30th, 2010


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