8 February 2010

Call for papers: Multicriteria Decision Making for Energy and Environmental Policy and Planning

A special issue of International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making

Climate change and sustainable development (SD) are listed at the top of the agenda for most politicians and decision makers. In addition to this, as believed by most energy experts and analysts, the measurement of policy options’ sustainability will be able to provide an empirically solid foundation for energy and environmental policy analysis.

In this context, coherent and transparent decision support methods could assist decision makers in energy and environmental policy and planning towards a sustainable energy system. Multicriteria decision making (MCDM) methods can be an important tool in energy and environmental policy making, providing the flexibility and capacity to assess policy options’ implications for the economic, environmental, technological and social framework.

This special issue aims also to foster discussion and exchange experience on MCDM decision support models and methods for energy and environmental policy and planning, which focus on the sustainable development of the energy sector.

Topics of interest focus on the use of MCDM methods in energy and environmental policy and planning and include, but are not limited to:
  • Policy-making for countries' SD needs and priorities
  • Policy-making for supporting the deployment and diffusion of low-carbon technologies
  • Decision support for assessing energy systems, environmental policies and politics
  • Computational models to deal with energy sector's related uncertainties
  • Computerised software design, development and testing for energy policy analysis
  • Decision support strategies toward sustainable energy technology transfer
  • Representation and aggregation models to deal with the implications of SD as an energy policy objective
  • Frameworks for energy and environmental policy options' evaluations (e.g. such as scenarios, technologies, operational plans)
  • Real life applications of energy and environmental policy
  • Case studies and comparative analyses.
Important Dates
Submissions deadline: 30 June 2010

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