28 February 2010

Special issue: Microbial immobilisation technology for wastewater treatment

World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development 6(2-4) 2009

Part I: Special Issue
  • Fixed biomass process and its resistance to elevated copper loads during carbon removal and nitrification of industrial wastewater
  • Effect of extended feeding time on aerobic granulation in SBR
  • Design of multistage activated sludge-biofilm reactors: a rational approach
  • Simulation of granulation index and its utility for predicting percentage granules in UASB reactors
  • The essential role of filling material in aerobic granular biomass generation in a periodic submerged biofilter
  • Characteristics of thermophilic granulation processes in UASB reactors
  • Dynamic changes in microbial diversity of aerobic granules
  • Nitrogen removal in a Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor: effect of carbon availability and intermittent aeration
Part II: Additional papers
  • A review of groundwater in islands using SWOT analysis
  • Question of software start-up finance: system dynamics simulation analysis
  • Dual focus in exploration and exploitation: the strategic path to sustainable competitive advantage
  • Assessing statistical standards for emerging industries. Applying OECD statistical codes to Italian biotech population lists
  • Preparing the public sector professional for the age of e-governance: an evaluation of an online learning experience
  • ICT industry in Serbia: condition and improvement by QMS

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