18 February 2010

Call for papers: Data Mining Over Large Software and Courseware Repositories

A special issue of International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics

Software repositories such as source code, source control systems, personnel communication archives, clients communication archives, defect tracking logs, etc., are important sources for managing software projects. Similarly, online courseware repositories are exponentially increasing with the introduction of low cost recording and delivery devices. Software and courseware practitioners invariably accept the benefits of mining information to support maintenance of software and courseware systems.

Research is now progressing to uncover ways in which data mining these repositories help to understand software development and software evolution, to support predictions about software development, and to exploit this knowledge concretely in planning future development. Current research in educational data mining explores lecture structure, course customisation, interesting components in a lecture, identifying concepts and related concepts to plan new courseware designs in future.

The goal of this special issue is to bring out the best practices, current research and promising trends in software development and courseware development through the analysis of data stored in software and courseware repositories.

Papers may address issues along general themes which include but are not limited to the following:
  • Analysis of ecosystems and mining of repositories across multiple collections
  • Prediction of future software qualities and courseware qualities
  • Models of software project evolution
  • Classification and prediction of software defects
  • Prediction of courseware usability
  • Techniques to model reliability and defect occurrences
  • Retrieval techniques for finding suitable components and fragments for reuse
  • Analysis of change patterns and trends
  • Visualisation models of mined data
  • Techniques and tools for capturing new forms of data
  • Approaches, applications, and tools for software repository mining
  • Metamodels, exchange formats, and infrastructure tools for code sharing and reusability
  • Case studies on extracting data from repositories
  • Methods of integrating mined data from various historical sources
Important Dates
Manuscript due: 15 August, 2010
Notification of acceptance: 15 October, 2010
Revised paper due: 15 November, 2010
Submission of final revised paper: 30 November, 2010

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