18 February 2010

Special issue: Developing sustainable products, processes and services

International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management 4(1-3) 2009
  • Life cycle assessment of products made of composite materials
  • Sustainability and product life cycle management – issues and challenges
  • Extending total life-cycle thinking to sustainable supply chain design
  • Warranty and sustainable improvement of used products through remanufacturing
  • Function performance evaluation and its application for design modification based on product usage data
  • Management of residual life cycle costs for sustainability in middle of life phase
  • The role of AIDC technologies in product recovery – an information quality perspective
  • Sustainability in the auto repair industry: a life cycle assessment application
  • Visualisation of LCA environmental impacts of electrical and electronic products using multidimensional scaling
  • Strategies for product recovery decisions
  • A state-of-the-art of industrial sustainability: definitions, tools and metrics
  • Life cycle thinking and sustainable food production
  • A product information and knowledge exchange framework: a multiple viewpoints approach
  • Modelling trade-offs in design-accompanying life cycle cost calculation

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