28 February 2010

Special issue: Control of uncertainties in experimental and numerical aerodynamics

International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation 2(1/2) 2010

Papers from the 44th Applied Aerodynamics Symposium of the Association AĆ©ronautique et Astronautique de France held in Nantes, France, 23-25 March 2009
  • Automatic grid adaptation for unstructured finite volumes
  • Quantification of thermodynamic uncertainties in real gas flows
  • Estimation of the accuracy of numerical simulations using Richardson extrapolation and a Hessian technique
  • Sensitivity analysis based on high fidelity simulation: application to hypersonic variable-cycle engine intake design
  • Empty wind tunnel flow field computations
  • Transient free convection in parallelogrammic cavities applied to the thermoregulation of avionics
  • AD-based perturbation methods for uncertainties and errors
  • Verification, validation and error estimation in CFD for compressible flows
  • Assessment of intrusive and non-intrusive non-deterministic CFD methodologies based on polynomial chaos expansions
  • Uncertainties and dispersion assessment: some challenges associated with missile aerodynamics
  • Heat flux estimation for materials with pyrolysis and ablation
  • Roughness receptivity in swept-wing boundary layers – experiments
  • Roughness receptivity in swept-wing boundary layers – computations

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