28 February 2010

Special issue: Cultural and socio-technical aspects of ICT adoption

International Journal of Value Chain Management 4(1/2) 2010

Papers from the European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS 2008) held in Dubai, UAE, 25-26 May 2008.
  • Where in the world is internet jurisdiction: a US perspective
  • Conducting of the linkage between information systems strategy (ISS) and operation strategy: a case of an airline
  • Key performance indicators for IS/IT indirect human costs in the service sector
  • E-business deployment in Iranian IT firms: an empirical research on recommendations
  • Adoption and diffusion of free wireless internet parks in Qatar
  • Enterprise systems requirement analysis for process-centric continuous monitoring
  • Delivering knowledge in the field
  • Analysis of the dominant enterprise information assurance mechanisms
  • Validity of accounting model in the knowledge era
Additional Papers
  • Value cycle model: managing value through stakeholder management
  • Coordinating new product development and supply chain management

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