12 January 2010

Special issue: The Tenth European Conference on Harmonisation Within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 40(1-3) 2010

The 10th Conference was held in Sissi, Crete, 17-20 October 2005.
  • Criteria for the assessment of air quality levels in homogeneous areas
  • Simulations of the dispersion from a waste incinerator in the Turin area in three different meteorological scenarios
  • Particulate matter dispersion modelling along urban traffic paths
  • Turbulence closure in atmospheric circulation model and its influence on the dispersion
  • Well mixed condition verification in windy and low wind speed conditions
  • Comparison of the Polish regulatory dispersion model with AERMOD
  • A neural net-air dispersion model validation study using the Indianapolis urban data set
  • An urban scale model for pollutant dispersion in Rome
  • Analyses of human exposure to urban air quality in a children population
  • Urban boundary layer simulations of sea-breeze over Marseille during the ESCOMPTE experiment
  • Meteorological simulations with use of satellite data for assessing urban heat island under summertime anticyclonic conditions
  • Application and intercomparison of the RADM2 and RACM chemistry mechanism including a new isoprene degradation scheme within the regional meteorology-chemistry-model MCCM
  • Assessment of air pollution in the conurbation of Munich: present and future
  • Application of Lagrangian particle dispersion models to air quality assessment in the Trans-Manche region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France) and Kent (Great Britain)
  • Consolidating tools for model evaluation
  • Air pollution dispersion inside a street canyon of Gottinger Strasse (Hannover, Germany): new results of the analysis of full scale data
  • Effects of air pollution and meteorological parameters on human health in the city of Athens, Greece
  • Comparison of AERMOD and EIAA with respect to the Alaska tracer data
  • Hospital admissions and air mass types in Athens, Greece
  • Inter-comparison of predicted population exposure distributions during four selected episodes in Helsinki and evaluation against measured data
  • Inter-comparison of the AUSTAL2000 and CALPUFF dispersion models against the Kincaid data set

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