24 January 2010

Special issue: Information processing and decision making in distributed control systems

International Journal of Systems, Control and Communications 2(1-3) 2010
  • Optimal estimation with limited measurements
  • Convexity of optimal control over networks with delays and arbitrary topology
  • LQG control over lossy TCP-like networks with probabilistic packet acknowledgements
  • On the optimality of localised distributed controllers
  • Controllability analysis of multi-agent systems using relaxed equitable partitions
  • Simple condition for stability of systems interconnected over networks
  • Hamiltonian surface shaping with information theory and exergy/entropy control for collective plume tracing
  • Differential equation models of flow-size based priorities in internet routers
  • Witsenhausen's counterexample as Assisted Interference Suppression
  • Algorithmic design of perfectly reconstructing equalisers
  • Power-delay analysis of consensus algorithms on wireless networks with interference
  • Consensus over networks with dynamic channels
  • Fault tolerant triangulation in distributed aircraft networks with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)

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