7 January 2010

Special issue: Design, make and serve in the global manufacturing network: evidence from practices in China

International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital 7(2) 2010

Papers presented at the Third International Symposium on Global Manufacturing and China (GMC’07) held in Hangzhou, China, 8-9 September 2007
  • Why do mainland Chinese firms succeed in some sectors and fail in others? A critical view of the Chinese system of innovation
  • National innovation systems for China and India: an analytical framework and a comparative analysis
  • The configuration and performance of international innovation networks: some evidence from the Chinese software industry
  • Innovation management in Chinese companies: an empirical study
  • The virtual enterprise and performance evaluation using exergoeconomics in a closed-loop supply chain
  • Building competitive advantages in a transition economy by ODM instead of OEM: the case of Donlim

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