28 January 2010

Special issue: Focusing on the learner: the paradigm shift in TEL

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning 2(1/2) 2010

Papers from the 3rd European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2008) held in Maastricht, The Netherlands, 16-19 September 2008.
  • A storytelling model for educational games: Hero's interactive journey
  • Learning by gaming: facts and myths
  • Capture of lifecycle information in office applications
  • Using personas for designing knowledge and learning services: results of an ethnographically informed study
  • Inferring interaction to support collaborative learning in 3D virtual environments through the user's avatar Non-Verbal Communication
  • Extending a virtual chemistry laboratory with a collaboration script to promote conceptual learning
  • Comparison of tagging in an educational context: Any chances of interplay?
  • Supporting architecture education using the MACE system
Additional papers
  • Towards the evaluation of usability in educative websites
  • Typology building for enhancing inclusiveness in e-learning

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