6 January 2010

Call for papers: Recent Advances in the Prediction and Characterisation of Biomaterials: Their Properties and Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials

New developments of advanced biomaterials such as composite materials or cellular structures require the accurate prediction and characterisation of their properties. Only if the performance of a new material of structure can be accurately predicted and guaranteed, can an application be suggested or recommended. To this end, modelling, numerical simulation and experimental characterisation play an important role and are complementing each other. This issue is focused on the recent advances in the prediction and characterisation of biomaterials and structures.

Subject Coverage
  • Modelling of mechanical behaviour (dynamic behaviour, fracture, etc.)
  • Thermo and electrodynamical behaviour
  • Numerical simulation (e.g. finite element simulation) of materials and structures (e.g. prostheses and implants)
  • Composite and fibre reinforced materials
  • Advanced characterisation methods (e.g. CT)
Important Date
Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2010

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