23 January 2010

Call for papers: Optimisation Issues in Energy Efficient Distributed Systems

A special issue of International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems

Minimisation of energy consumption has become a central issue in designing distributed systems that range from wireless ad hoc networks to data centers. Because battery technologies have not yet matched advances in hardware and software technologies, saving energy in battery-operated devices is very important for mobile/wireless networks. Similarly, minimising energy consumption in high performance computing centers will, in addition to saving power consumption, require less cooling mechanisms.

These new challenges require innovative and effective optimisation solutions for minimising power consumption in distributed systems, such as energy-efficient scheduling algorithms and energy-efficient medium access control (MAC) protocols.

The special issue will primarily focus on theoretical and practical novel solutions that advance the research in energy efficient distributed systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Optimisation of energy-efficient protocols/algorithms
  • Energy-efficient scheduling algorithms
  • Voltage and frequency scaled networks protocols
  • Energy-efficient protocols/algorithms in PHY, IP layers or above
  • Hardware solutions for achieving energy efficiency in large-scale networked systems
  • Virtualisation techniques for energy efficiency
  • Network models and simulation modules/tools for energy efficient solutions
  • Energy-efficient transmission technologies
  • Cross-layer optimisation techniques for efficient energy consumption
  • Energy-efficient MAC protocols
  • Energy-efficient routing protocols
  • Energy-efficient communication protocols
Important Dates
Paper submission: 1 September, 2010
Initial notification: 1 November, 2010
Rebuttal submission: 15 December, 2010
Final notification: 1 February, 2011

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