22 January 2010

Call for papers: Management theory and practices in China

A special issue of International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets

China’s unprecedented growth and the opportunities are evident. As China’s economic reform and open door policy are entering the fourth decade, its economy is claimed to have shifted from a central-planned to a primarily market-based one. As a result of the shift, it is time to examine the development and status of prevailing management theory and practices (MTP) in China.

Further, the growing importance of China’s contribution to the world economy suggests that understanding of the current MTP is critical to an organization’s success. Keeping this in mind, this special issue is dedicated to China, and provides researchers and managers with the insight as to specific characteristics of the current Chinese MTP.

Specifically, the aim of the special issue is to explore the impact of the economic reform policies on MTP in the context of the emerging market of China. Therefore, the guest editors welcome conceptual, empirical and experimental submissions that have not been previously published or submitted for publication consideration.

The suggested subject coverage includes but is not limited to:
  • Evolution of Chinese management thought
  • Management theory and practices in state owned companies and private sectors
  • Effectiveness of China's management theory and practices
  • Agency relationship versus stewardship theory in China
  • Gender, diversity and management
  • Stakeholder, social responsibility and environmental issues
  • Management education and education management
  • Strategic management and risk management issues facing Chinese companies
  • Economics, management and decision sciences
  • Current management issues and trends in China
  • Other management issues in China
Important Dates
Paper submission: 15 December, 2010
Reviewers' comments: 15 April, 2011
Revised paper submission: 15 June, 2011

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