23 January 2010

Special issue: FLINS 08

International Journal of Nuclear Knowledge Management 4(1) 2010

Papers from the 8th International FLINS (Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science) Conference on Computational Intelligence in Decision and Control held in Madrid, Spain, 21-24 September 2008.
  • New information processing methods for control in magnetic confinement nuclear fusion
  • Design of an advanced intelligent instrument with waveform recognition based on the ITMS platform
  • Optimised search strategies to improve structural pattern recognition techniques
  • Applications of neural networks for free unfolding of experimental data from fusion neutron spectrometers
  • Robust nuclear signal reconstruction by a novel ensemble model aggregation procedure
  • A fuzzy expert system for the human reliability analysis of crews in simulated nuclear emergency procedures
  • Study of confinements in the particle swarm optimisation for application to the nuclear reactor reload problem

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