11 February 2009

Special issue: Modelling and characterisation of dynamic processes of physiotherapy

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 5(3) 2008
  • Brief history of modern scientific research into acupuncture systems: a path from static anatomic structure of particles to dynamic dissipative structure of electromagnetic field
  • Background of electronic measurement on skin
  • A fuzzy approach to overcome electroacupuncture accommodation
  • Mathematical, physical and physiological background of normal distribution, delta distribution and log-normal distribution
  • Music therapy in viewpoint of biophysics
  • Ultraweak photon emission of Psilocybe cubensis mycelium tissue: comparison of tissue treated with acoustic waves and non-treated tissue
  • Suppressive influence of periodic and chaotic laser light on cancer cells
  • Mirror-log-normal distribution of body conductivity during nighttime sleeping
  • Frequency representation of the body alive: order of the moving body-in-process
  • Wave character and quantum character of acupuncture systems
  • Instrumental measurement of the degree of relaxation with meditation
  • Quantitative measurement on the degree of relaxation induced by acupuncture operation
  • Quantitative measurement on the effect of various manipulations of acupuncture operations

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