10 February 2009

Call for papers: Managing Innovative Distance Learning for Higher Education

Call for papers: Managing Innovative Distance Learning for Higher Education

A special issue of International Journal of Management in Education

Innovative distance learning covers a variety of domains dictated by the convergence of emerging innovative technologies such as wireless communication infrastructure and mobile devices, and innovative applications such as online learning tools and mobile connectivity. The Internet and emerging ICT infrastructure has improved the quality and reduced costs of the online learning experience in institutions. The wide-scale adoption of innovative e-learning continues to enhancing the flexibility and effectiveness of higher education. To provide successful and effective e-learning in higher education, management of effective innovative distance learning is critical. Therefore, this special issue is timely for institutions and practitioners who are interested in the development and delivery of innovative distance learning in higher education.

The special issue provides a global forum for presenting authoritative references, academically rigorous research and case studies in both theoretical and applied research. Its purpose is to discuss the effective management in state-of-the-art innovative distance learning. Specifically, this issue intends to disseminate research and studies in the emerging innovative e-learning environments including emerging innovative learning technologies, practical experiences on the design of innovative e-learning environments, applications of the innovative technologies to e-learning system development in institutions, economic and social contexts of innovative e-learning development, and the effective interaction between users and innovative e-learning environments.

The subject coverage of this special issue includes, but is not limited to:
  • Management of innovative e-learning environments
  • Emerging mobile technology management (technologies such as wireless network and mobile devices that directly facilitate learning)
  • Application of innovative e-learning systems in learning institutions (e.g. online Master's programmes)
  • Analysis of political, economic, social, legal and cultural environment in innovative distance learning for higher education
  • Supply chain and value chain management applied to distance learning
  • Currently implemented innovative distance learning applications
  • Studies of innovative e-learning in practice
  • Reviews of the application of innovative e-learning in multiple contexts
  • Human computer interaction issues in innovative e-learning
  • Mobile games for learning
  • Mobile collaborative e-learning
  • Privacy and security issues in innovative e-learning
  • Assessment of innovative e-learning in multiple contexts
  • Critical success factors for innovative e-learning diffusion
  • Cross-cultural innovative e-learning management
  • Knowledge management and e-learning strategies in higher education
  • Differing cultural perceptions of e-learning management in higher education
  • E-learning in corporate training and practice
  • E-learning in medicine
Important Dates
Proposal deadline (optional): 1 September, 2009
Early submission deadline [*]: 15 October, 2009
Full paper deadline: 30 December, 2009
Notification of status & acceptance of paper: 15 February, 2010
Final version of paper: 15 March, 2010


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