26 February 2009

Special issue: The ageing workforce and HRM – challenges, chances, perspectives

International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 9(2/3) 2009

Academic Papers
  • Strategies against competency obsolescence: the case of R&D-intensive organisations
  • Changing workforce demographics: strategies derived from the resource-based view of HRM
  • HRM and the employment of older workers: Germany and Britain compared
  • Does the ageing workforce hamper the innovativeness of firms? (No) evidence from Germany
  • Individual competencies that older workers use in successfully adapting during their careers
  • HR practices as predictors for knowledge sharing and innovative behaviour: a focus on age
Practitioner Papers
  • The coming leadership gap: an exploration of competencies that will be in short supply
  • Enterprises face the ageing demographic: some options to overcome demographic challenges in a multinational company
Think Pieces
  • Reducing risk: building the business case for investing in knowledge retention
  • The Leaving Expert Debriefing to fight the retirement wave of the ageing workforce
  • How Hewlett-Packard minimises knowledge loss
  • An ageing workforce: a major challenge to German SMEs

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