4 February 2009

Call for papers: Managing Online Teaching in Higher Education

Call for papers: Managing Online Teaching in Higher Education

A special issue of International Journal of Management in Education

Online education has emerged as a core means of aggressive competition among institutions of higher education. The challenges and strategic opportunities associated with online education can be addressed from multiple perspectives, as is evidenced via the variety of related topics published in IJMIE.

The purpose of this special issue is to focus on the perspective of managing online teaching:
  • How can and should institutions of higher education manage online teaching?
  • How does managing online teaching impact the institution's strategic mission?
  • How does it impact faculty and students?
Special consideration will be given to manuscripts challenging current assumptions regarding the management of online teaching and positing creative and innovative ideas. Manuscripts presenting analyses and interpretations of empirical data are always welcome. Our goal is to foster and promote innovative thinking, stimulate critical debate, encourage collection and analyses of relevant data, and add to the theoretical foundations used in discussions related to the management of online teaching within institutions of higher education.

Topics include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Advances in teaching technology
  • Standardisation of course content
  • Faculty support; additional pressure on faculty
  • The impact of managing online teaching on student learning
  • Centralisation vs. independence of course development authority
  • Administrator vs. faculty perspective
  • Programme validation
  • Faculty assessment and development
  • Balancing on-campus and online classes
  • Faculty compensation issues
  • Faculty-student interactions
  • Cultural issues involved with managing online teaching to a global audience
  • Issues surrounding distribution and use of texts and other online teaching materials
  • Intellectual property, cyberplagiarism and other legal issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Other relevant topics
Important Dates
Papers Due: 15 June 2009
Peer Reviews Returned: 15 August 2009
Finalised Papers Due: 15 October 2009

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