26 February 2009

Special issue: Emerging accountability mechanisms and stakeholders in the governance of public service delivery

International Journal of Public Policy 4(3/4) 2009
  • The institutionalisation of public-private partnerships in the UK and the nation-state of California
  • Public-private partnerships: a comparative study of new public management and stakeholder participation in the UK and Spain
  • Building shared accountability into service transformation partnerships
  • On the governance of social science research: the replacement of profession with performance contracts
  • The effects of corporatisation on financial reporting: the experience of the Italian local governments
  • Private actors and public accountability: the role of actuaries and auditors in UK life insurance regulation
  • A research note: the exploration of political accountability in primary healthcare organisations
  • Sending in the consultants: development agencies, the private sector and the reform of public finance in low-income countries
  • Constraints to strengthening public sector accountability through civil society: the case of Morocco

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