15 February 2009

Call for papers: Enterprise Systems Modelling and Simulation

Call for papers: Enterprise Systems Modelling and Simulation

A special issue of International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management

As many complex processes and systems, the enterprise context is a prominent application domain for modelling and simulation. Due to its field proven benefits, modelling and simulation is becoming a powerful method and tool in managing enterprises and designing and engineering enterprise systems. The focus of this special issue is on the role, importance, and application of modelling and simulation (M&S) in a rather extended enterprise context.

This extended context implies that enterprise information systems and software applications are designed to enable certain business processes, facilitate interaction of the actors, the system, and the environment, and help in the management of complex organisations such as an enterprise. Thus, application of modelling and simulation in the enterprise context involves a number of socio-technical aspects (information systems (IS), enterprise information systems (EIS), software systems, decision support systems, business systems, human interaction, etc.).

Although, the traditional role of modelling and simulation has been seen as instruments to observe dynamic behaviour of systems, measure IT impacts on organisations, and study outcomes of changes, currently the managerial perspective of modelling and simulation is receiving increasing attention. For example, modelling and simulation can play prominent role in the management of the enterprise, the decision making process, and in monitoring enterprise resources, strategic planning, etc.

With the launch of this special issue, we aim to create an outlet for researchers, practitioners, and educators interested in the application of modelling and simulation to both technical and managerial aspects of an enterprise, its information and business systems, decision making settings, and business environment.

Important Note:

This special issue is based on a collection of best papers presented at EOMAS 2009: International Workshop on Enterprise & Organizational Modeling and Simulation. Although public submissions are welcome, authors are encouraged to submit their papers to EOMAS 2009 for presentation before the conference submission due date of February 23 . Papers submitted to this special issue via the JMS portal will be reviewed after the EOMAS 2009 conference, rather than on the normal rolling basis.

This special issue solicits research results on the topics of interest, which include but are not limited to:
  • Modelling and simulation in enterprise management
  • Enterprise systems modelling and simulation
  • Enterprise modelling and simulation
  • Enterprise engineering, design, and ontology
  • Enterprise processes modelling and simulation
  • Information systems design, modelling and simulation
  • Requirements modelling and simulation
  • Process reengineering and redesign
  • Embedded simulation models for organizational decision support
  • Animation and visualisation of business processes
  • Enterprise workflow modelling and simulation
  • Inter-organisational process modelling and simulation
  • Simulation methods, techniques, and tools for enterprise systems
  • Security issues in enterprise and enterprise systems
  • Case studies on enterprise systems implementations
  • Collaborative, participative, and interactive modelling and simulation
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Modelling and simulation in decision support systems
Important Dates
Paper Submission: 20 June, 2009
Authors Notification: 20 July, 2009
Final Submission: 1 August, 2009

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