4 February 2009

Call for papers: Progress in Landfill Management and Landfill Emission Reduction

Call for papers: Progress in Landfill Management and Landfill Emission Reduction

A special issue of International Journal of Environmental Engineering

Landfilling is currently the most common strategy for municipal solid waste management. Since developing countries are moving away from open dumping to controlled landfills, the topic is of increasing interest internationally. As a result of increased environmental awareness, the impact of landfills on greenhouse gas emissions and contamination of groundwater and surface waters are being critically assessed. Due to the ability of different techniques to reduce emissions, knowledge on landfill gas capture and energy recovery, various leachate treatment strategies, and different landfill operation methods is of high importance. In-situ stabilisation of old landfills through aeration, aerobic landfilling, biological methane oxidation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and optimisation of biological leachate treatment, are some of the promising approaches currently under research. Economic aspects, related to both the operating stage of a landfill and its closed stage (after-care), certainly need to be taken into account as well.

This special issue intends to bring together research results from various working groups. It is within the scope of the special issue to have a strong international context and to also include contributions on technologies which promise applicability in economically emerging countries. The special issue will address an international audience of both researchers and practitioners.

Original research papers, technical reviews and case studies are invited in the following and related areas:
  • Landfill operation technologies
  • Landfill leachate treatment strategies and processes
  • Bioreactor landfill approach and other techniques to accelerate stabilisation of waste in landfills
  • Aeration of landfills at different stages of operation (aerobic landfilling, in-situ stabilisation of old landfills through aeration)
  • Landfill covers including biotic (compost) covers (methane removal effectiveness, durability, applicability in different climates)
  • Energy recovery from landfills and greenhouse gas reduction strategies
  • Modelling of processes (leachate generation, water balance, fate and transport of pollutants and other components, waste decomposition and landfill gas generation)
  • Economic viability of alternative concepts
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 15 May 2009
Deadline for paper reviews: 15 July 2009
Deadline for submission of revised papers: 15 August 2009
Deadline for re-review of papers requiring major revision: 15 September 2009
Deadline for second revisions of papers if required: 30 September 2009

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