15 February 2009

Call for papers: Advances in Concrete Structural Durability

Call for papers: Advances in Concrete Structural Durability

A special issue of International Journal of Structural Engineering

Concrete structures were traditionally viewed as being maintenance-free with a practically unlimited life. However, over the past several decades, a number of durability related problems have emerged and stimulated research into the key factors relating to durability of concrete structures globally. It is now generally accepted that concrete structures deteriorate with time. Actually, premature deterioration of concrete structures has been a major and growing world-wide problem. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to formulate durability–based design and performance-based strategic maintenance methodologies to guarantee the durability of on-going construction concrete structures. This special issue focuses on the durability of concrete structures in structural engineering.

Original papers reporting new theoretical and experimental development are welcome, including but not limited to the following areas:
  • Influence of environments on durability
  • Ionic/molecular transport modelling
  • Material degradation
  • Performance of corroded components
  • Design for durability
  • Assessment and life prediction
  • Life-cycle management of concrete structures
  • Testing, inspection and monitoring methods
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Practical applications
  • Standards and rules
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 1 April, 2009

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