26 February 2009

Call for papers: SME Development in Transition Economies: Twenty Years On

Call for papers: SME Development in Transition Economies: Twenty Years On

A special issue of International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

In the two decades which have elapsed since the beginning of the transition period in central and eastern European countries, there has been a rapid expansion of entrepreneurial and small business activities. This expansion has been influenced, inter alia, by economic change, increasing competition due to the accession of many of the countries to the European Union (EU), and policy interventions by a range of institutions.

It is generally recognised that entrepreneurship and the development of a vibrant SME sector play an important role in the generation of new industries and to assist with industrial reconstruction. Economic change has also posed significant challenges to the attitudes of people who manage and work in small and medium sized enterprise (SMEs) and the general public perception of the role of SMEs in the economy

This increase in entrepreneurial activities in transition economies has also given rise to an emerging literature, containing debates on such issues as SME start-up, entrepreneurial knowledge deficiencies and institutional development. The purpose of this special edition is to provide insights into entrepreneurial development and SME management and growth over the past twenty years and opportunities for future expansion in the small business sector.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • SMEs and management development in transition economies
  • SME policy development and application
  • Entrepreneurship development and support
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • The development of marketing in small businesses
  • SME growth
  • Knowledge transfer to transition economy SMEs
  • HRM and HRD expansion in transition economy SMEs
  • Workplace attitudes and organisational change
Important Dates
Deadline for papers: 30th June 2009

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