5 January 2009

Special issue: Systems and architectures for embedded processing: applications and hardware

International Journal of Embedded Systems 3(4) 2008

Papers from the 2003 International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures, and Processors (ASAP 2003)
  • Application-specific permutation networks
  • On-chip implementation of multiprocessor networks and switch fabrics
  • Alternative application-specific processor architectures for fast arbitrary bit permutations
  • Hardware implementation of an elliptic curve processor over GF(p) with Montgomery modular multiplier
  • A cryptographic processor for arbitrary elliptic curves over GF(2m)
  • Code compression in DSP processor systems
  • An efficient disk-array-based server design for a multicast video streaming system
  • Hardware synthesis for systems of recurrence equations with multidimensional schedule
  • A hardware mechanism to reduce the energy consumption of the register file of in-order architectures
  • Safe execution of untrusted applications on embedded network processors

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