15 January 2009

Call for papers: Context-awareness for Self-Managing Systems

Call for papers: Context-awareness for Self-Managing Systems

A special issue of International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems

Computing systems are becoming inexpensive but complex in their computing power and communication capability. At the same time, the users and owners of these systems are usually mobile and demand greater flexibility and efficiency in terms of ease of interaction, response time, resource utilisation, robustness, etc., to achieve critical business goals. Moreover, users prefer less management overheads and expect their devices and systems to organise themselves and act autonomously.

In this special issue, high quality papers that investigate and demonstrate the place of context-awareness in developing, deploying and maintaining self-managing systems (devices, applications, middleware, networks, etc.) are solicited. Whereas so far self-managing (or autonomous) systems and context-aware computing have been investigated independently in the past, what we are interested in here are features that are common to both.

The special issue particularly solicits papers which demonstrate the modelling of a context along with other system components and workflows when self-managing applications, devices and networks are developed.

Relevant topics include - but are not limited to - the following:
  • Contextual aspects of self-managing systems
  • Modeling contextual aspects of self-managing systems
  • Semantic description and reasoning about the need and actions of autonomous systems
  • Context recognition in self-managing systems
  • Context-based actuation
  • Context-based adaptation
  • Context-based self-organisation of devices, services, applications, networks
  • Context-based device cooperation
  • Context-based workflow execution
  • Adaptive and context-based multimodal interaction
  • Self-managing applications, devices, middleware, networks
  • Context-aware applications, devices, middleware, networks
Important Dates
Manuscript due: July 10, 2009
1st round notification: September 11, 2009
Revised paper due: October 9, 2009
Notification of acceptance: December 11, 2009
Submission of final revised paper: December 31, 2009

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