28 January 2009

Special issue: Organisational cybernetics in focus

International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies 2(1/2) 2008

Diagnosis and Design
  • Observing organisations: the use of identity and structural archetypes
  • Pathological systems
  • Organising for sustainability
  • Supporting organisational cybernetics by communication and information technologies (VSMod®)
  • Assessing the Viable System Model: an empirical test of the viability-hypothesis
Observation, Learning, Evolution
  • A practical tool to recognise individual and organisational learning obstacles
  • Towards teaching on managing complexity using complexity management tools
  • Language homeostasis in race relations
  • The end of control
Reflections by Practitioners
  • Why is managing change difficult? Organisational renewal and the cybernetics of effective enterprise
  • Stafford Beer's VSM: a model for holistic management of business operations
  • The usefulness of VSM-based representations in organisational work

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