5 January 2009

Call for papers: Ground Effect Aerodynamics

Call for papers: Ground Effect Aerodynamics

A special issue of International Journal of Aerodynamics

The aim of this special issue is to report recent experimental and modelling results in the area of ground-effect aerodynamics, with particular emphasis on aerodynamically-supported vehicles moving in the ground proximity. The ground effect on aircraft has been noticed a century ago. It is possible to significantly increase lift and reduce drag when flying close to the ground. Some ground-effect vehicles were built and tested in the past. However, no widespread application of this transportation means has happened. The complexity of the aerodynamics and dynamics involved, as well as associated cost and safety issues, remain a major obstacle towards practical implementation. With the accumulation of experimental and theoretical knowledge and increase of computational resources, it is expected that ground-effect craft with higher performance will be developed in the future. Research papers in a broad area of ground-effect aerodynamic phenomena are invited for submission.

This special issue is a forum for exchange of experimental and modelling results on aerodynamic phenomena where the ground effect plays a significant role. Research areas include but are not limited to:
  • Lift and drag in ground effect
  • Wing-in-ground craft
  • Power augmented ram systems
  • Ground-effect aerodynamics of cars, railroad vehicles, and aircraft
  • Watercraft with hybrid hydro-aerodynamic support
  • Aerodynamics of insects and birds
  • Dynamics and stability of air-supported vehicles in ground effect
  • Effect of ground type (solid surface, water, ice, etc.)
  • Applications of the ideal flow theory
  • Viscous modelling using CFD
  • Experimental systems for testing ground-effect vehicles
Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 1 June, 2009
Communication of peer reviews to authors: 1 September, 2009
Deadline for revised manuscripts: 1 November, 2009

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