20 January 2009

Call for papers: Unbalanced Production Line Systems: Merits and Applications

Call for papers: Unbalanced Production Line Systems: Merits and Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management

Considerable research has been undertaken to aid industries in effective production line design. The costs of setting up and running a production line system are very high, so even slight improvements in performance can provide great advantages in the overall expenses.

Since most production lines suffer in practice from a certain degree of imbalance, it would make sense for production managers to examine the benefits of deliberately unbalancing their lines in the right direction.

This special issue has the main objective of promoting and disseminating research that focuses on unbalanced production line systems. It will present to academic researchers and practitioners the most recent findings and applications concerning the merits of this domain of investigation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Paced / unpaced production systems
  • Assembly/disassembly/cellular manufacturing systems
  • Parallel/non-parallel systems
  • Splitting/merging systems
  • Single/multi operator systems
  • Reliable/unreliable (with failure) systems
  • Pull (JIT)/push systems
  • TOC/DBR/CONWIP systems
  • Bucket brigade/hybrid systems
  • Labour turnover/learning systems
  • Unequal operation time means/variability/buffer capacity allocation systems
  • Simulation and mathematical modelling methods
Important Dates
Paper submission by prospective authors: April 15, 2009
Communication of results of peer review to authors: June 30, 2009
Revised manuscript submission: July 30, 2009
Final manuscript submission: September 15, 2009

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