11 January 2009

Special issue: International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain 2006

International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management 5(3/4) 2009

The ILS 06 conference was held in Lyon, France 14-17 May 2006

  • Cyclic scheduling of multiple tours with multiple frequencies for a single vehicle
  • A dynamic framework for managing horizontal cooperation in logistics
  • Integration of inventory and transportation decisions in decentralised supply chains
  • Choosing a transport contract over multiple periods
  • Tactical planning for optimal cash flow and value sharing in supply chain
  • Supply Chain Security Management: an overview
  • The role of APS systems in Supply Chain Management: a theoretical and industrial analysis
  • An approach to diagnose local and collaborative supply chain processes
  • Another way to manage supply chains: holonic and multicriteria approach
  • Implementing an integrated framework for internal logistics management in automated semiconductor manufacturing
  • A Porter-SCOR modelling approach for the hospital supply chain

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