11 January 2009

Call for papers: Evolutionary Computing for Engineering Design

Call for papers: Evolutionary Computing for Engineering Design

A special issue of International Journal of Design Engineering

Research in evolutionary computing (EC) for engineering design has a long history. Early applications of EC in engineering design can be traced back to the 1960s in areas such as fluid mechanics, pipe design and structural engineering. This field has seen further significant advances in the last two decades. Since then, research in this area has been expanding to a large spectrum of engineering design problems from numerous disciplines. Having been successfully applied to solve several engineering design problems, EC has demonstrated some important advantages compared to conventional design and optimisation techniques. Different methods have been developed in EC to tackle different problem characteristics and domains. Multi-objective optimisation and co-evolution are two examples of this.

This special issue solicits original contributions to research with relevance to the application of evolutionary computing to engineering design. The selected papers will highlight the state-of-the-art, emerging technologies and recent successes, and will define major research challenges.

Topics of relevance include, but are not limited to:
  • Theory and applications of evolutionary design
  • Evolutionary methods for engineering design
  • Evolutionary multi-objective optimisation
  • Co-evolutionary engineering design
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering design optimisation
  • Design for x (DFX) using evolutionary computing
  • Topology optimisation using evolutionary computing
  • Constraint-handling methods in evolutionary design optimisation
  • Scalability of evolutionary computing methods in engineering design
  • Evolutionary robotics
  • Medical applications of engineering design using evolutionary computing
  • Design of micro/nano systems using evolutionary computing
  • Evolutionary hardware
  • Creativity and innovation using evolutionary computing
  • Evolutionary machine design
  • Real-life applications of evolutionary design optimisation
  • Memetic algorithms applied to engineering design
  • Immune system based algorithms applied to engineering design
  • Engineering design applications of evolutionary algorithms based on probabilistic models
  • Computational swarm intelligence applied to engineering design
Important Dates
Submission of papers: 15 May, 2009
First decision notification: 15 July, 2009
Submission of revised papers: 15 September, 2009
Final decision notification: 15 November, 2009

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