3 January 2009

Special issue: AccessNets

International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 2(2/3) 2009

Papers from the Second International Conference on Access Networks (AccessNets 2007) held in Ottawa, Canada, 21-23 August 2007.
  • Analytical and experimental study on Ethernet passive optical networks: challenges and solutions
  • Performance analysis of the cdma2000 reverse packet data channel
  • On dynamic packet fragmentation for traffic integration over bandwidth-limited links
  • On the effectiveness of integrating WiMAX and Wi-Fi
  • On triplexer design for next generation Ethernet passive optical network systems
  • Design and cost performance of WDM PONs for multi-wavelength users
  • Traffic conformance issues in passive optical networks: challenges and solutions
  • Transparent WDM metro-access networks
  • Cognitive MIMO radio: an emerging paradigm for enhancing wireless access capability
  • Radio-over-fiber for increasing effective coverage of motorway access networks

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