28 January 2009

Special issue: Scientific academies and scientific societies

International Journal of Technology Management 46(1/2) 2009
  • Scientific academies and scientific societies have come of age
  • How national science academies in developed countries can assist development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters: current revival of a time-honoured institution
  • Role of scientific academies and scientific societies in promoting science and technology: experiences from Singapore
  • Still digging, still planting: the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – knowledge yesterday, knowledge today and knowledge for tomorrow
  • When less is more but still not enough: managing academies of science in a globalised world
  • The Pacific Science Association: more than eight decades of science in and of the Pacific
  • The role of an academy of sciences and humanities
  • Adapting to the future: the role of science academies in capacity building
  • From a learned society to a 21st-century science broker: the Swiss Academy of Sciences as a partner in the dialogue with society
  • Scientific academies and scientific societies as agents for promoting science culture in developing countries
  • Communicating the public understanding of science: the Royal Society website
  • G.W. Leibniz and scientific societies
  • On the decline of scientific societies

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