5 January 2009

Special issue: Micro/nanoelectronics and NEMS and MEMS packaging

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 34(1/2) 2009
  • Computational implementation of Cosserat continuum
  • Character of the magnetic monopole field
  • Thermo-mechanical behaviour of a micromirror for laser-to-fibre active alignment using bimorphs with breakable tethers
  • Liquid crystal polymer for RF MEMS packaging
  • The integration of nanowires and nanotubes with microstructures
  • Sintered nanosilver paste for high-temperature power semiconductor device attachment
  • An investigation of combined size, rate and thermal effects on the material properties of single crystal diamond
  • Use of stress-engineered material layers for the measurement of interfacial fracture toughness of nanoscale thin films
  • A robust digital image correlation technique for high-resolution characterisation of microelectronic packaging materials
  • Heat transfer with nanofluids for electronic cooling
  • On the thermodynamics of higher-order gradient plasticity for size-effects at the micron and submicron length scales
  • Development of cryogenic power modules for superconducting hybrid power electronic system
  • A study of mechanical and thermal properties of materials in electronic packaging: application of micro DIC

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