28 January 2019

Special issue published: "Synergising Environmental Management and Technology"

International Journal of Environmental Engineering 9(3/4) 2018

  • Recent development in sanitary landfilling and landfill leachate treatment in Malaysia
  • Food waste management through composting process in Malaysia: case study in selected area in Kuantan, Pahang
  • Urbanisation in the George Town conurbation and its impact to the environment
  • Characterisations and attenuation properties of corn starch-bonded Rhizophora spp. particleboards as water equivalent phantom material at 16.59-25.26 XRF photons and 99mTc gamma energies
  • Preliminary study on heavy metal removal and turbidity reduction from groundwater by using apple pectin (bioflocculant)
  • Utilisation of calcined Asian green mussel (Perna viridis) shells as partial cement replacement in concrete
  • A review of agricultural waste activated carbon and effect on adsorption parameters
  • Opportunities and challenges in supported liquid membrane technology for heavy metal extraction and recovery: a review
  • Assessment and toxicity potential of the gaseous pollutants emitted from laboratory-scale open burning of scrap tyres

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