28 January 2019

Special issue published: "Security and Privacy in Complex Large-Scale Computing Systems for Big Data Management"

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 13(2) 2019

  • A high efficient map-matching algorithm for the GPS data processing intended for the highways
  • Comparison analysis and efficient implementation of reconciliation-based RLWE key exchange protocol
  • Distributed and personalised social network privacy protection
  • A delegation token-based method to authenticate the third party in TLS
  • A secure storage scheme with key-updating in hybrid cloud
  • Survey of intrusion detection techniques and architectures in cloud computing
  • ROI-based fragile watermarking for medical image tamper detection
  • Negation scope detection with recurrent neural networks models in review texts
  • The optimisation of speech recognition based on convolutional neural network
  • Hybrid feature selection technique for intrusion detection system
  • Spectrum prediction and aggregation strategy in multi-user cooperative relay networks

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