17 January 2019

Special issue published: "New Technologies and the Law"

International Journal of Private Law 9(1/2) 2018
  • Threats of the internet of things in a techno-regulated society: a new legal challenge of the information revolution
  • Online copyright infringement, techno-cultural creations and the copyright-technology nexus
  • A consumer's case for regulating electronic credit and debit transfers in South Africa
  • Artificial reproductive technologies and international law: the role of human rights
  • Good governance for consumer welfare and accountability in the age of digital aggregators: the case of Amazon India
  • Regulation of Uber in São Paulo: from conflict to regulatory experimentation
Additional papers
  • Financial liberalisation versus the regulation of capital outflows: reflections on capital movement restrictions in South Africa on the backdrop of South African Reserve Bank and Another v Shuttleworth and Another 2015 (5) SA 146 (CC)
  • Reflections on recent developments regarding wage garnishment in South Africa

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