5 January 2017

Special issue published: "e-Technologies' Effects on Users' and Businesses' Behaviours and Attitudes"

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 10(1) 2017

Extended versions of papers presented at the Internet Technologies and Society Conference Series and International Conference on Educational Technologies Conference Series.
  • Virtual teamwork training: factors influencing the acceptance of collaboration technology
  • Law students' perspectives of the affect of academics' use of technology
  • Learner autonomy, microcredentials and self-reflection: a review of a Moodle-based medical English review course
  • An ontology development approach using concept maps driven by automatic term extraction
  • Propagation analysis of MIMO ad hoc network in hybrid propagation model and implement less propagation loss algorithm to find the minimum loss route
  • Reversible image watermarking in the integer wavelet domain
  • Preserving atomicity and isolation for multi-row transactions in column-oriented heterogeneous distributed databases

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