20 January 2017

Special issue published: "Advances in Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Logic and Swarm Intelligence"

International Journal of Swarm Intelligence 2(2/3/4) 2016
  • Task scheduling using multi-objective hamming discrete particle swarm optimisation in distributed systems
  • Evolutionary optimisation of atrial fibrillation diagnostic algorithms
  • Power factor and motor efficiency optimisation of three-phase linear induction motor using NSGA-II algorithm
  • An application of particle swarm optimisation method for solving network reconfiguration problem in distribution system
  • Optimal dipole planar antenna array design for different UHF band applications using cuckoo search algorithm
  • Exploring avoidance strategies and neighbourhood topologies in particle swarm optimisation 
  • Application of comprehensive learning particle swarm optimisation algorithm for maximum likelihood DOA estimation in wireless sensor networks
  • Fluctuation prediction of stock market index by adaptive evolutionary higher order neural networks
  • Chemical reaction optimisation: a hybrid technique applied to functional link artificial neural networks with least mean square learning for foreign exchange rates forecasting

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